1Am I hiring a professional voice artist?
Yes, all of our voice talents are professional natives with extensive experience and full dedication in voice-over.
2Am I hiring a professional recording studio?
Yes, all our projects are recorded in professional studios and home-studios with the possibility of live sessions through Skype and other means such as Source Connect.
3Can you record a voice demo for free?
Most of our artists can record personalized demos at no cost.
4How to avoid a bad pronunciation of a commercial product?
Attach with the script an audio or bold text with the correct pronunciation.
5What prices do these services have?
It always depends on the language, voice artist, purpose of the recording and length. We have international renowned artists who have higher rates. Please contact us, and together we will draw up a plan to suit your budget.
6Do script modifications have an additional cost?
Yes, as long as the talent has already recorded it previously. The budget will be negotiated again between the client and Voices For Ads. These rates are usually lower than the original project price.
7What if I don't like the final result of the project?
We work to make it happen. If the voice artist mispronounces or reads the script in a wrong way, we will rerecord that part of the text for free.
Changes in tone, rhythm, intention and inflections will also be rerecorded free of charge within a reasonable limit.
8Is the recorded audio edited?
All our recordings come clean and ready to use with the highest sound quality.
9Do you offer translation services?
Yes, we collaborate with audiovisual translators to adapt your project to the language you need.
10In what audio format will I have my project?
We work with any audio format. The standard audios are wav and mp3.
11What is the average delivery time of the audios?
It depends on the type of project and its length. Our voice-over artists are really fast and in less than 24 hours you could have your audio finished.
12What is the payment method?
We regularly operate by bank transfer within the EU and with Paypal with the rest of the countries.
Big projects may require a deposit.
First project must be paid in advance.

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